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Gabor Szabo

Gabor - born in Hungary and living in Israel - is the founder and manager of PTI.

Gabor has been using Perl since 1995 and Python sice 2010 and teaching them both in Israel and overseas since 2000 via his company PTI.

He is also providing consulting in Perl andPython development with a focus on test and build automation to companies such as Cisco and Checkpoint.

Gabor is the organizer of the Perl mongers in Israel and he has been organizing the Perl Conferences (YAPCs) and the Open Source Developers' Conferences, (OSDCs) in Israel since 2003.
He has been giving talks on several European and North American Perl conferences. (YAPCs)

You are also welcome to look at Gabors LinkedIn profile and check out the recommendations or at his Ohloh profile of Open Source Developers.

Gabor is a CPAN author and has contributed tests to many other CPAN modules. He is the author of the Perl Maven site which is the primary source of Perl-related articles. He is the creator and the editor-in-chief of the Perl Weekly newsletter

On the Code Maven site Gabor covers a wide range of topics including Python, JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS, etc.

Gabor has initiated and is the lead developer of Padre, the open source Perl IDE

Gabor Szabo


Guest Trainers


Mark Jason Dominus

Mark (also known as MJD) is one of the leading personalities in the international Perl community. He is one of the highest rated speakers on the Perl conferences.
MJD was our guest trainer on 3 training classes between 13-15 May 2003.
We'll try to bring him to Israel for further classes.

More about Mark Jason Dominus

Stas Bekman

After receiving his EE B.Sc from the Technion his interest turned in the direction of the mod_perl development.
He was the original creator of the mod_perl 1.0 Guide, co-authored the Practical mod_perl book with Eric Cholet. Stas has written several articles regarding mod_perl in both electronic an treeware journals. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and the mod_perl Project Management Committee.

Nowadays, Stas is traveling the world developing and teaching mod_perl.
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