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Mark Jason Dominus in Israel

The Courses

Mark will be teaching 3 one-day courses in Haifa, between 13-15 May 2003 after participating on YAPC::Israel::2003

13th Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags (full day)
14th Perl Regular Expression Mastery (half day)
Programing with Iterators and Generators (half day)
15th Making Programs Faster: Benchmarking, Profiling, and Performance Tuning (half day)
"How do I delete a line from a file?" Lightweight data storage techniques (half day)

The courses will be held at CRI in Haifa University.


The material of the separate days are designed so that you can take any one of the days separately or you can take 2 or all 3 days.

The Speaker

Mark Jason Dominus has been programming in Perl since 1992. He is a moderator of the comp.lang.perl.moderated newsgroup; the author of the Text::Template, Tie::File and Memoize modules; a contributor to the Perl core; and author of the 'perlreftut' man page. Last year he won the Larry Wall Award for Practical Utility. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and several plush octopuses.

The Price

1 day$395
2 days$695($347.50 / day)
3 days$895($298.33 / day)

Further discounts: 10% if you register before 15th of April, 2003
additional 10% if you pay before the 15th of April
15% if there are 2 or more people registered on the same account

The above discounts add up so you can get up to 35% discount from the regular price.

Full time students pay half of the above price.

(Above prices do not include 18% VAT)


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