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Gabor Szabo
Founder and CEO

Gabor is an internationally known consultant, speaker, trainer and developer focusing on Open Source technologies. The main language he is using is Perl. He has been using it since 1995 and is a consultant since 1998.

Gabor has been a software developer, system administrator, and network administrator for more than 14 years and has been teaching Perl for more than 7 years.

Gabor is the leader of the Israeli Perl Mongers group He has organized two Perl conferences in Israel YAPC::Israel::2003 and YAPC::Israel::2004.

Gabor is a resident of the City of Modiin.

Gabor holds a BSc. in Computer Sciences and an MBA in Information Technology, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

On the personal site of Gabor Szabo you can also find a printable version of his resume.