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Version Control with Subversion

Teams of software developers and programmers who need to work cooperatively on projects.


  • Daily work as developer (Check-in/check-out/etc...)
  • Setup branches and merge them together

Course format

  • Duration of the course is 8 academic hours. The course includes approximately 40% hands on lab work.


  • An understanding of the code-management issues in team-based software development


  • Introduction
  • Version control and Subversion
  • Basic Concepts
  • The concepts of Subversion
  • Repository layout
  • The working copy
  • Revision numbers
  • Copy-Modify-Merge and Lock-Modify-Unlock
  • Basic Usage
  • Accessing a repository
  • Daily use of Subversion
  • Checking out a working copy
  • Making a change
  • Finding out what you (and others) did
  • Committing
  • Keeping in sync with others
  • Updating working copy
  • Detecting and resolving conflicts
  • Finding out who did what (browsing log messages)
  • Examining and reverting changes
  • Other command
  • Adding files, directories
  • Binary files
  • Removing files, directories
  • Renaming files and directories
  • Advanced topics
  • Getting snapshots (dates and tagging)
  • Tagging
  • Properties
  • File portability
  • Ignoring unversioned files
  • Branching and Merging
  • Using branches
  • Basic merging
  • Keeping a branch in sync
  • Undoing Changes

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