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About us
Whether you've never programmed in Perl or other Open Source technologies before, or want to learn more about these innovative and revolutionary tools, Perl Training Israel, PTI will help you better utilize Open Source Technologies to suit your needs.

Perl Training Israel, PTI has established a reputation as a foremost authority and expert of Perl and other Open Source technologies in Israel, and provides quality training programs in all aspects of the Perl programming language.

PTI has created various training courses to choose from, from Perl introduction courses to advanced application programs.

Utilizing our vast experience and expertise, PTI pledges to improve both the real and perceived quality of the Open Source products and to increase the use of Perl and other open source language tools in the corporate world. Our expert trainers specialize in Perl and are actively involved in the development of new features and modules, and provides excellent software development solutions for your company.

In addition to our training courses, PTI also offers a variety of consulting services. We cover all stages of the software development life cycle, from requirement analysis to testing and maintenance.

Our expert consultants are both flexible and reliable, and are available to meet your programming needs, however large or small. Our expertise ranges beyond that of Perl, and includes Linux and Windows system administration. PTI offers innovative solutions in a wide array of fields, such as web development, database applications, networking protocols, configuration management systems, software testing (QA), quality assurance and software development.

PTI offers in-house and out-sourcing consulting services for the integration of Perl and other Open Source technologies in the local corporate market.

PTI is the foremost innovator for the development and implementation of Open Source software to replace more expensive commercial programs and offer comprehensive service packages for such tools.

PTI will evaluate your company's individual requirements and establish an exclusive course program to fit your specific needs.