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Task for Windows System Administrators
  • List all the computers in a domain.
  • Periodically update the list an report new computers.
  • List all kinds of parameters about the computers (e.g. size of free disk space)
  • and send alert mail if one of the machines has some problem (e.g. low on disk space.)
  • Script to check if a certain ini file exists on every computer and what is the value of a certain key in a given section.
  • Set a value of a given ini file / section / key in all your computers and report which were successful and which were not.
  • Do it repeatedly till you catch all the machines.
  • Backup: based on a config file tar/zip files and save on a CDROM/tape/remote server etc.
  • Monitoring (availability of) services and reporting problems (e.g. via e-mail)
  • Starting/stopping services and fetching process information.
  • Processing Log messages.
  • Monitor the print server queues
  • Find out dead workstation accounts (accounts that were not used for a certain period)
  • Scan the network (the subnet) for open shares.
  • Report user accounts and their rights on all workstations.
The above is 'short' list of task that a Windows system administrator should do occasionally on his network. Probably all of them can be done by proprietary 3-rd party tools that cost quite a lot of money or they can be written in Perl in a matter of few hours.
Some of these tasks will be covered in our courses for Windows System administrators so you'll go back to your company with a script that you only need to customize to your own needs.