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Learning Perl for Windows Administrators - FAQ
Why to use Perl for Windows system administration ?

  • It can replace a lot of special purpose tools that cost a lot of money, especially if they need to be deployed in several machines.
  • It can automate tasks and by that eliminate errors and reduce time wasted by sysadmins.
  • Sysadmins can do tasks from the command line faster then by going through a menu driven point and click application. This results in a lot of time gain if you need to do it for a lot of accounts.
    (E.g. replace the home directory for each users with something else;
    Expire the passwords for a few accounts)
  • Perl is the strongest scripting language available for such tasks, even on Windows.
  • The language itself is platform independent so the same people will be able to automate tasks on other OSs too if the organization installs such systems (Solaris, Linux, etc.)
  • Increase productivity without purchase expensive software.
Does it support Hebrew ?

It supports Hebrew at the same level as the underlying operating system supports so if your version of Windows supports Hebrew so does Perl.

Are you turning sys admins to programmers ?

No. We provide the capability to write small tools in Perl and to modify existing tools written on Perl for their specific needs that will help system administrators in their daily jobs. We are talking about tools that are specific enough for the local system that you won't find a 3rd party application to do it.

Why do I need to learn how to write Perl script if I use it only 20 minutes a day ?
I'd rather ask someone to do it!

You can certainly do it and we'll be ready to provide such help but we'll have to learn a bit about your system in order to understand the problem. We might even need to come to your office to do that. It will take much more time and will cost a lot more.

What tasks can I automate with Perl?

  • Account Maintenance, privileges:
    Add/remove accounts with a specific policy.
    List accounts with certain
  • File System, Permissions, Registry
  • Backup, Restore
  • Monitoring and Reporting, Event Logs
  • Process management
  • OLE automation
  • ADSI and WMI scripting

Why would I go to a course ? I could learn it on my own!

We agree that you could learn it on your own. We also learn a lot on our own. If you decide to do that you are welcome to look at the list of resources at (tutorials, books, mailing list). One of our trainers is the editor of the Perl tutorials section on DMOZ.
We also know that except for the few who are very disciplined, learning on your own can take a lot more time than a course and most of the people quit before they get to the point where the language starts to be useful and is fun to use.
You might get to all kinds of problems that will take you days to solve while in the course we help you over such problems in a matter of minutes.
So while a course seem to be more expensive actually it will save you time and money very soon.