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Web Servers

Apache is undoubtedly the most popular web server in the world. It has more that 60% market share according to the Netcraft survey. It happens to be an Open Source web server. It can be easily extended by C or Perl (using mod_perl) and it can be customized to the needs of any project. As this tool is one of the critical parts of any web development project we put emphasize on making sure it is well supported in Israel as well.

Internet Information Server (IIS) of Microsoft is the second largest taker in the web server market with over 20% penetration. While we don't actively support this server, if our customers have wasted in interest in using IIS as the web server for the project we will develop the application to work on IIS.

In general some of the other technologies we use can be used for web server independent development that will allow our customers to later change web servers without changing the application layer.

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