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Programming Languages

Perl is the leading Open Source programming language that has been with us a long time before the word "Open Source" was created and even before the first line of Linux has been written. While it already has a long history its development reaches new peaks as more and more application specific extension are being distributed on its central library called CPAN.

Our main programming language is Perl, we invest a lot of energy in further developing extension to Perl and making sure the quality level of these extensions is the highest in the Industry.

PHP was started as a set of Perl scripts. Today it is a stand alone web development language which is extremely popular among web site developers. While it is mainly useful for smaller web site there are a number of larger projects using PHP.

ASP is not a programming language but a web programming environment. It is mostly used together with the Microsoft IIS web server with languages such as JScript, VBScript or PerlScript. We use a compatible framework on the Apache where the programming language of choice is Perl.