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CGI Scripts With Perl
CGI and Perl are often confused. The reason behind this is that most of the programs using the CGI Interface are written in Perl.
Actually CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a set of very simple definitions about how a web server (like Apache or IIS) should communicate with the program/script that actually doing the work. One can write CGI scripts in nearly any programming language but Perl - because of it qualities - became the de-facto programming language for CGIs. Hence people often confuse CGI and Perl.

We have been doing CGI programming for ages, Gabor Szabo has written CGI interface to one of then leading commercial bug tracking tools back in 1994 when the developers of that tool have not though about it yet.

We are using the leading technologies in the CGI programming field to provide solutions as quickly as possible saving time both to our customers and to ourself.

We have even created a course for to teach others to this kind of work.

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